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A visit to the restaurant of Hotel Almere is ideal for a business lunch, a lunch with friends and family or a festive occasion.

Our restaurant is a perfect place to enjoy our great lunchmenu. Lunch is served from 11.00 AM until 05.00 PM When the weather is nice you can enjoy your lunch or dinner on our lovely terrace.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the Corona virus, we assume at each table that it is a shared household and that everyone can sit within 1.5 meters of each other. If this is not the case and you need a bigger table, you have to inform us in advance! If you cannot make a reservation for the desired number of people, please contact the reception.

It is important that you follow the instructions of the hotel staff members during your stay with us. Additionally, all guests and staff members at our hotel are requested to carefully follow the precautionary measures below:

  • Do you have any cold-like symptoms, including cold in the nose, runny nose, soar throat, mild cough or a temperature higher than 38 degrees Celsius/100.4 Fahrenheit? If yes, you are requested to stay home and not to come to the hotel.
  • Keep 1,5 meters distance from our staff members and other guests (persons from the same household excluded);
  • On arrival at the hotel there will be a check-up about your health;
  • Cough and sneeze into your elbow and use paper tissues
  • You can sit within 1,5 meters of each other if you are with 2 persons. It is only allowed to sit within 1,5 meters of each other with 3 persons or more, if you share the same household. If this is not the case, you have to keep 1.5 meters in between. Please inform the hotel in advance. The above does not apply to children up to and including the age of 12.
  • Preferably pay with pin or contactless
  • Always follow the instructions of the employees;
  • You will be requested to disinfect/ wash your hands before entering the restaurant;
  • If you do not comply with (one of) the measures or instructions from the staff with regard to hygiene, safety and routing, the hotel is entitled to order you to leave the building and/or you deny access. The hotel is also entitled to recover any damage from non-compliance with these Covid-19 (Corona) rules.

View all our measures on our corona information page.

Unfortunately we are not always able to meet your preferences during the corona period. Thank you for your understanding.

To help all our guests as well as possible, it is unfortunately not possible to pay separately (per person) or in parts. We ask you to make one payment for the entire group per reservation/table.

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