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We are building an extra (room) floor

To welcome even more guests, we have started installing an extra floor! Of course it will take a while before the project is ready. We will plan the work as efficiently as possible to minimize inconvenience. Below you can see what we are going to renovate and the answers to frequently asked questions.

Important announcement

At the moment there is scaffolding on the balconies of our fourth floor. So keep in mind when you book a family room, wellness suite or topsuite that your balcony door will not open as easily and that there is a scaffold on the balcony. This scaffolding will remain in place until the end of the work. If you want more information, please contact our reception.

Construction work

Construction work

  • Start project: 1 februari 2021

Yes, that is right, we are building an extra roomfloor on Van der Valk Hotel Almere! More rooms means that we can offer even more guests a wonderful night away. The team will work hard to realize the extra floor as quickly as possible. This does mean that some construction work can cause noise nuisance on some moments this year. We will do our utmost to limit the nuisance and will work mainly during daytime (monday-friday). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Thank you for your understanding.

Model bedroom

Model bedroom

To get a good impression about the style of our new rooms, we have recently worked hard on a model room. Until the rooms on the new floor are finished, we will continue to think about how we want the rooms, so it is not impossible that the rooms will look very different.

Model bathroom

Model bathroom

We present you ... An impression of our bathroom model! We are very proud of the result! Did you know that this room is now also rented out? You can specify it as a preference, we just cannot guarantee that no one has preceded you.

Frequently Ask Questions

Which days are they building and within what times?
The working days and times may differ. Mainly the work will take place during daytime. Unfortunately, it can also happen that the start is early in the morning on certain days. Obviously, major work is not done every day. There will also be several days on which construction is stopped or that the construction work does not cause any nuisance.
For example, if you have night shifts and therefore want to sleep in the morning / during the day, please contact the front desk so that they can allocate the room as far away from the construction work as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will not experience any inconvenience. Together we will find a solution.

Are the balconies on the fourth floor accessible?
If you have booked a standard room, you will not experience any inconvenience on your balcony. The balconies are fully accessible. Of course you may experience some noise nuisance from the construction work.
There will be scaffolding on the side of the family rooms, wellness suite and Topsuite. The balconies have limited access and you may experience inconvenience due to the construction work. The balcony door does not open all the way and therefore it is difficult to enter the balcony.

Are the swimming pool, fitness and wellness open during the construction work?
The construction works have no impact on the facilities. The facilities will remain open during the construction work. This of course depends on the current measures at that time regarding COVID-19. You can see the current Corona measures here.

Are the rates adjusted because of the (possible) inconvenience?
As always, the rates remain competitively priced. For example, through our own website you always have the lowest price guarantee, a free welcome drink and you save for attractive discounts.

Will my view be limited?
There will be a temporary cabin at the parking lot for the hard working staff during the construction work. It can also happen that they have to work with a crane and there is a chance that you will see it. No cloths or nets will be hung on the windows. So you can still look outside.

What exactly is being built?
We are building an extra floor on our room building. The new rooms are therefore even higher and you have an even better view over the city of Almere. Thanks to the acquisition of new rooms, we can rent out even more rooms and we therefore sell a 'no' less often! When can we welcome you? View the best packages here.

Until when will the construction work last?
Unfortunately, we do not yet know exactly till when the construction work will take. According to the planning, the structural work of the fifth floor would be ready around the end of 2021. We hope to be able to use the new floor from the spring of 2022.

Can I still park my car in your parking lot?
The construction people will mainly use the rear of the parking lot. We still have a lot of parking spaces left that you can use. Did you know that we also have a parking garage where you can park for free? The entrance to the parking garage is indicated on the referral boards in the parking lot.