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Update: Friday, March 17 Valk Exclusief, in collaboration with CYCO Cybercrime and COMPUTEST invited hackers for a hackathon at Hotel Zwolle. The television programme Hart van Nederland and RTV Oost covered this event.

Hackathon in hotel Zwolle

In collaboration with CYCO Cybercrime and Computest, Van der Valk Exclusief invited hackers for a hackathon on Friday, March 17 at Hotel Zwolle. They were challenged to hack and/or improve the new Van der Valk lock system. In addition to the control measures with regard to the new lock system and the distribution of online room keys by means of an app and a bluetooth function, the family company was also receptive to benign security researchers who could contribute to the security and safety of the system. During the events, hackers rushed into the fray to hack digital locks and to challenge the new technology.

Mobile Key, the latest innovation?

Mobile Key, the latest innovation?

Could it be that ‘Mobile Key’ is the next innovation in hospitality? After the BETA period and positive testing during the event, the Van der Valk Exclusief hotel rooms at Hotel Zwolle can be opened with the Mobile Key App through the smartphone, with only an app and bluetooth connection. Van der Valk is not the first and only hotel chain; the largest hotel chain worldwide, Marriot. has already switched to the innovative Mobile Key. The grand question is: can we continue to guarantee a 100% security and safety when making use of the latest innovations? Or does the convenience and the overall advantages outweigh the maybe not so disturbing fact that 100% security cannot be guaranteed? Time will tell. As always Van der Valk gladly listens to the feedback of the guests and will rely on their experiences and act accordingly.